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Use Case Self Service Coin Counters

USE CASE: SELF SERVICE COIN COUNTERS Save teller hours, increase foot trafc with self-service coin counters 41 teller hours saved per According to Capgemini, a leading international service authority, retail banks are under enormous pressure to improve service quality and reduce costs. At the same time, inefcient processes frustrate customers and more sales and provide better quality of service. The employee productivity increase in this study was signicant in that an average of more than 40 teller hours per month were gained in branches where customers could do with an extra 40 hours per month! self-service coin counters encouraged patrons to view branches as a convenient A welcome addition to branches and their customers, self-service coin counters provide coin savers with a convenient, in their loose change. Financial institutions machines installed, including increased customer trafc, enhanced customer loyalty and improved operational efciency. customers into the branch to count their coins, the machines also create opportunities for customer interactions increase share of wallet. “Self-service coin machines save customers the chore of make redemption more efcient,” said one bank manager involved in the study. “Our employees have more time to interact with our customers, so everyone benets.” In this study, self-service coin counters mid-size banking chain by: rĀ3FBM䨀嬀䨀OH TBW䨀OHT rĀ%SB堀䨀OH 䐀VTu倀nFST for cross selling and new business opportunities rĀ1S倀W䨀E䨀OH TFSW䨀䐀FT enhance customer loyalty place to cash in coins. Customers that had been using a fee-for-service machine, such as those found in retail stores, began using without paying a fee. Many customers report they would happily use the self-service coin machine at a convenient branch if they could signicantly reduce or eliminate the fee they currently pay. oin counters deliver 250 customers per About 250 coin redemption customers counters present an invaluable opportunity to connect positively with customers. Each exceed their expectations – by answering any questions they may have and by introducing them to services of which they may be unaware. Coin counters drive customer engagement in Locations with self-service coin counters can maximize efciency by redirecting workloads and reallocating tellers to more cost-effective hours on average were gained Transactions per day Transactions Teller transaction hours saved per day* Teller transaction hours saved per day avings *Based on a 10-minute transaction per customer and a 25-day month. ustomer usage and teller time savings W䨀F堀 bank branch as an important resource for nancial advice as well as their preferred channel for products like mortgages and customer engagement via self-service coin counters lays the foundation for the relationships that are key to building trust Āጀᄀሀሀ 8倀SME 3FQ倀Suഀ Averages derived from 12 months of cumulative data collected from Assessing the Opportunities for SSC Machines in the Financial Segment: Branmark Strategy Group, 2011 Cummins Allison case studies in self-service coin, Money Machine A strong market exists for self-service coin redemption in FIs. At least one person in TBWF Building relationships and loyalty exceeded expectations. As noted, a upwards of 250 coin redemption customers per month, adding up to totals of millions of coins every month. How much traction customers every month? A resourceful Branch managers who effectively promote their self-service coin program experience increased use of the equipment – proving the machines are an important means of providing better service, improved employee productivity and increased customer loyalty. enhanced customer loyalty and gain a local competitive advantage by offering Self-service coin counters create opportunities for increase share of wallet. Contact a CA representative today to evaluate a successful self-service coin program for your bank. To learn more, visit customer savings through a no-fee coin counter – but preliminary data indicate that even when a fee is assessed, coin counters still see heavy usage. FIs help customers reach savings goals quickly by saving them money on coin redemption. And, because no-waiting and do-it-yourself options are perceived as more convenient, customers who bring coins into their branch view the self-service option more positively than waiting in line to process coins with a teller. The success of the self-service coin prove that the machines provide a service patrons want and one that helps FIs improve their bottom line by connecting them with customers. Quality matters Cummins Allison self-service coin counters excel at precisely the qualities that survey respondents say are most important to As the number one provider of high- speed coin processing equipment, CA delivers tremendous value and unmatched performance: rĀ/倀 rĀ␀VTu倀nFS rĀ1BuS倀OT go about their business – 98% worry- Self-service coin counters help FIs improve their bottom line. Generations of Vision and Excellence Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability. Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efciently count, sort and authenticate currency, checks and coin. With a 125-year heritage of leadership in technology and product innovation, Cummins Allison serves the majority of nancial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, HBn䨀OHഀ MB堀 H倀WFSOnFOuༀ /䨀OFu娀฀TFWFO 䐀VTu倀nFST TFSW䨀䐀FTༀ 䨀OWFTuT 䨀OEVTuS娀 BWFSBHF 3܀%ༀ 堀倀SME฀䐀MBTT TFSW䨀䐀F OFu堀倀SL /倀SuI 堀倀SMEༀ ✀FFIBOW䨀MMF © 2012 Cummins-Allison Corp. Specications subject to change without notice.

Product/Program: Money Machine® 2

Tesco Case Study

TESCO, CHESHUNT, HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND UK’s leading retailer saves space and boosts revenue with compact, self-service coin counters The challenge: Offer big service in a small space “No one tries harder for customers.” That’s Tesco number one value – and it’s the reason that Tesco installed self-service coin counters as an “extra service” for customers in its larger stores many years ago. Tesco soon found that the coin machines were not only popular among customers but also produced valuable revenue for the stores. As the company built smaller format stores, the size of the coin machines became an obstacle in their quest to serve customers. “Of our 3,000 stores, nearly 200 are Tesco Metro outlets,” pronounced Stephen Law, Assets and Estate Buying Manager at Tesco. “We wanted to bring coin-counting services to those stores as well,” he added, “but because of space limitations, many of our stores simply didn’t have enough room to accommodate the machine’s footprint. And that presented a problem,” concludes Law. Smaller coin counters enable larger revenue per square meter The Cummins Allison Money Machine® coin counters were an ideal solution. With a total footprint of only .49 square meters, the Cummins Allison machines were one-third of the size of the coin counters used in its larger stores – and could easily t into Tesco’s smaller stores. The coin counters are small enough to t easily on the “fourth wall” in Tesco smaller stores – the space between the checkout stands and the front door – without crowding customers. Plus their small size allows Tesco to increase the number of other revenue-producing services offered, such as photo booths, ATMs or postal services. Recognising that customer service counts Tesco has been so pleased with the Cummins Allison equipment and service that within 12 months of establishing its relationship with Cummins Allison, Tesco placed orders for signicantly more coin machines than it originally intended – and it continues to install more each month. Cummins Allison develops site surveys for Tesco to help the retailer determine the best location for the coin counters, and conducts regular assessments of how the coin counters are performing in each retail location. Going the extra meter When asked to describe the relationship between Tesco and Cummins Allison, Law concludes, “When we think of Tesco, we don’t just think of 3,000 stores, we think about serving our customers in all of our locations – large and small alike. We initially selected Cummins Allison because of their coin counter’s small foot - print and their ability to t into our smaller format stores. What we discovered, however, was not just a great supplier, but also a true partner. A forward-thinking industry leader who is truly invested in Tesco success,” nishes Law. Generations of Vision and Excellence Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability. Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efciently count, sort and authenticate currency, cheques and coin. Our leadership in technology and product innovation spans more than 125 years. Cummins Allison serves the majority of nancial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, gaming, law enforcement and government. Ninety-seven percent of our customers would recommend our products and services. Cummins Allison delivers the fastest, most accurate and most reliable coin counters in the industry. Learn how your store can benet at William H. Klotz House Colonnade Point Central Boulevard Prologis Park Coventry CV6 4BU 44-2476 339810 © 2014 Cummins-Allison Corp. Specications subject to change without notice. “What we discovered was not just a great supplier, but also a true partner. A forward- thinking industry leader who is truly invested in Tesco success.” Stephen Law, Assets and Estate Buying Manager 023-6082-03 RevA

Product/Program: Money Machine® 2