Banks demand efficient cash processing solutions

While the online banking channel has grown, your customers continue to conduct a considerable portion of their business at their branch because they value the face-to-face interaction.  Banking institutions need to work hard to retain current customers and grow their customer base. Using customer-friendly technology solutions, like coin and cash processing machines, are a key to that success.


Improve customer satisfaction to boost return visits

Banks are reaping the benefits of adding self-service coin redemption machines in their branches.  Adding a Money Machine®2 self-service coin redemption machine into your branch can enhance your customers’ experience by:

  • letting customers process coins directly, reducing time spent in the teller line

  • allowing easy deposit of coin totals into their account

  • increasing engagement with tellers and learning about other products and services available

  • attracting new customers and promoting stronger relationships with existing ones


Branches also benefit from:

  • simplifying the coin counting process with speed, accuracy and convenience

  • improved operational efficiencies

  • cross-selling opportunities to boost branch revenue

  • streamlined process from deposit to storage or armored carrier

Migrating customers to an in-branch, self-service coin counting machine supports your goal of freeing up staff time for more valuable customer interactions.


"We’re looking at about one-third of our coin machine transactions being with non-customers, who can be turned into customers. The coin counters provide the avenue to get people, including non-customers, in the door.” Genie Clem, AVP Marketing, Branch Operations, 1st Bank, New Boston, Texas.


Improve bank vault/processing centre throughput

Adding JetScan iFX®multi-pocket note sorting machines to any vault operation provides considerable time savings by rapidly processing up to 1,200 bills per minute, giving the vault processor time to manage other tasks and finish daily deposits quicker.

The JetScan iFX®i400 note counter is fast, accurate, reliable and configurable making it a perfect solution for high-volume cash handling bank vault operations. The JetScan iFX®i400 is expandable from 3 to 9 pockets in a vertical configuration and from 5 to 17 pockets in a horizontal configuration. Regardless of configuration, you can process up to 1,000 notes per minute with higher throughput enabling your operation to run at peak efficiency saving you time and money.

The JetScan iFX i400 lets you:

  • process large volumes of cash with unparalleled speed and accuracy

  • verify count accuracy

  • balance faster at the end of the day

  • keep employees happy with jam-free equipment

  • process cash with confidence

No other multi-pocket sorter offers as much sophistication and flexibility at a very competitive cost.


“The JetScan iFX is more accurate, and it frees me up to do other tasks.” Lesley Smith, Branch Manager, Home State Bank


“With Cummins Allison you have 25-30% more free time to do other things” Joe Serna, Teller Manager, Rio Bank.


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