Convenient, revenue generating solutions

Astute grocers are bolstering customer experiences by leveraging front-of-store services, allowing them to generate additional market share. By offering the convenience of self-service coin counters in their stores, grocers can generate more revenue and serve customers better.

Convenient self service coin counters draws in new customers and increases the frequency of return visits, and customers appreciate the convenience of redeeming coin and shopping in one trip.  Additionally, coin redemption keeps cash in stores and recycling of redeemed coin saves thousands of pounds in coin fees.


Transform Under-Utilised Space into a Revenue Generator with Money Machine® 2

Grocer's can generate more revenue in a small footprint with convenient, fast coin redemption machines. Tesco, a leading retailer in the UK, boosts revenue by using the compact, Money Machine®2 self-service coin counting machines in their small format stores. “No one tries harder for customers.” That’s Tesco number one value.  It’s the reason that Tesco installed Cummins Allison coin counters as an extra service for customers and to earn income from a small fee added on to each transaction.

“What we discovered was not just a great supplier, but also a true partner. A forward thinking industry leader who is truly invested in Tesco success.” Stephen Law, Assets and Estate Buying Manager at Tesco.


In keeping with its efforts to provide customers with unmatched service, Reasor's Grocery Stores replaced their existing coin machines with Money Machine®2 self-service coin sorters in each of their 19 locations. Reasor’s looked for machines that were faster and provided a better service than their existing solution. The machines are well liked by customers for their convenience and speed and appreciated by management for the additional traffic and sales they generate within the store. Reasor’s decided to buy the coin machines and Cummins Allison's hassle-free Coin Management Program (CMP). With CMP, Cummins Allison manages the coin pick up, machine monitoring and handling of all the administration.

“With Cummins Allison machines, we were able to provide a better service to our customers and increase our profitability without having to raise rates to our customers” Dennis Maxwell, director of advertising and branding, Reasor’s Grocery Stores, Oklahoma.


Woodman's Food Market makes customer service, product variety and very competitive pricing top priorities and is always looking for new ways to bring people into their stores. Like other grocers, they face challenging decisions about where and how to invest their limited capital, with return on investment (ROI) often driving their choices. Woodman's found that fourth wall options, such as self-service coin counters, can provide solid returns and compliment high- quality customer service initiatives. They chose to purchase Money Machine®2 coin counters for their 15 locations.  A proven income driver, self-service coin counting machine ownership provides solid ROI. Woodman’s discovered that ownership also ensures a positive impact on customers, as well as enabling stores to set fees, choose options and determine the timing of coin collection and service.

"We like to have the best products or the best income drivers in every space – especially at the front of our stores -- that space is valuable. To have a machine that is providing a service and driving income for the store is very important to Woodman's”. Clint Woodman vice president, Woodman's Food Markets


Process till deposits quickly and accurately, reduce hand counting errors, set up next shift tills efficiently

Closing out cash drawers at the end of the day or a shift can be a lengthy and tedious task. Each drop must be counted precisely, ensuring accurate totals. A coin and note counting solution like the JetScan®150 note counter and scanner with advanced counterfeit detection capabilities, and the JetSort®1000 coin sorter and counter can quickly, easily and accurately count-down each till and prepare your business for the next shift.

Adding an automated cash till solution dramatically improves cash till processing and deposit drop times. Count down and balance cash drawers, rebuild float amounts, set up tills and print reconciliation receipts. Process deposits with greater efficiency and security.

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