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How automation helps with processing parking payments

car park meter counted better with jetscan money counter note counter jetsort lx coin sorter counter
How coin counters and note scanners process parking fee collections

In busy city or municipal parking operations, streamlining procedures for counting, processing, recording, and reconciling revenue are vital. Why? The sheer volume they have to manage daily can be overwhelming without an airtight process in place.

In any given busy municipal area, there's retail, government offices, businesses, and visitor parking. That can add up to tens of thousands of parking spaces, multiple garages, and surface car parks, not to mention hundreds upon hundreds of meters throughout the city. City parking divisions have to manage it all. The revenues are substantial, at times soaring into the tens of millions of pounds, depending on the size of the city and the scope of its parking.

As a result, the parking industry as a whole has moved toward automation in recent years. Fewer facilities have parking attendants, using technology instead to streamline the process of customers checking out.

But that doesn't mean everything is automated: Consider the collection of coins from parking meters. Yes, people still use them! And in car parks, people still use cash and coins, along with credit card payments. All of those funds need to be counted and sorted by someone — in many cases, several someones — and in years past, it was a time-intensive task fraught with human error and the possibility of theft.

One particular pain point for staff is processing the cash and coin collected over the weekend in time to meet their armoured car pickup.

Cummins Allison's JetScan iFX 150 note scanner coupled with its JetSort LX coin sorter ensure cash and coin are quickly counted and prepared for pickup.

It's a great example of how technology can speed up time-intensive processes and eliminate human error, helping employees do their jobs faster, better, and smarter.

October 25, 2018