JetSort® LXC bulk coin sorter system

JetSort LXC

The best value in high-volume bulk coin processing

Streamline your cash-in-transit coin processes, increase operator productivity and maximise counting accuracy with the JetSort LXC bulk coin sorting machine. The adaptable bulk coin system offers flexible configurations that enable gravity, conveyor and/or bag outputs with minimal operator intervention.

JetSort LXC also allows for various coin input heights, giving you the ability to choose how operators process inbound coin. With the JetSort LXC, you’re assured of high-speed coin sorting, effective counterfeit detection, and proven value for durable, multi-shift performance and maximum uptime.

JetSort LXC delivers better ROI to your cash-in-transit bottom line due to its highly competitive price point that enables cash vaults like yours to process group, individual or declared balance deposits quickly, accurately and economically.


Multiple JetSort LXC configurations

Conveyor output configuration: seamlessly convert your current system

JetSort LXC is configured to connect via conveyor output and deposit coin into bulk coin containers. It can integrate easily with existing conveyor systems for bulk coin output and can take the place of existing, out-dated systems without a complete configuration overhaul.

Gravity tube output configuration: for bulk containers

JetSort LXC is designed to connect via gravity tubes and deposit coin into bulk coin containers. In addition to the machine, we offer tubes that can be installed to transfer coin into bulk containers.

Bag output configuration: optional conversion to gravity tube

A quick-release, linear bagging system provides a compact footprint and allows operators to change bags within seconds to resume processing. LED lights on the handle indicate bag status. An auto-bag clearing feature starts the motor and resumes counting automatically when bag handle is secured.

When coin volumes for a particular denomination become too high, the option to convert from bag to gravity tube allows for bulk container output alongside bagging of other lower volume coin denominations.


Standard features

  • 381 mm full-colour touch-screen display and adjustable mount

  • Foreign coin discrimination

  • Exact bag stops

  • 4 locking wheels

  • Up to 6 USB ports

  • Many language choices

  • Power-loss transaction protection

  • COMM protocol for computer interface

• Adjustable or fixed-length input trays
• Open-access, front or side reject cup
• Bag-to-gravity tube adaptors
• Coin container lift
• Conveyor power control
Machine Dimensions
Machine Dimensions Machine dimensions:
953 mm w x 604 mm d

Lowest height:
- Coin Input: 943 mm
- Monitor Top: 1458 mm

Tallest height:
- Coin Input: 1364 mm
- Monitor Top: 1879 mm
Coin Output
Coin Output Bags and/or tubes and conveyor
Agency Approvals
Agency Approvals UL/cUL/EU FCC/CE
Individual ID Tracking
Individual ID Tracking Up to 400 individual ID totals
Input Capacity
Input Capacity Up to 5,000 mixed coins
Keyboard On-screen keyboard, external USB keyboard, bar code scanner, 10-key numeric USB keypad
Reject Box Capacity
Reject Box Capacity Up to 300 coins
Maximum Number of Bags
Minimum Number of Bags 8 bags + 1 reject box or bag
Printer Thermal or impact printer (sold separately)
Accessories Thermal or impact printer, bag support shelf, printer shelf, remote display
Exact Bag Stops
Exact Bag Stops Standard
Media Tracking
Media Tracking Currency, sachet; additional custom settings
Coin Bags Accepted
Coin Bags Accepted Plastic and cloth bags of most sizes
Coin Input
Coin Input Gravity feed or lift tray
Configuration Floor standing with locking wheels and leveling pads
User Interface
User Interface 381 mm adjustable colour touch screen display
Operator Screen Language
Operator Screen Language Supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian
Power 105-253 VAC 50/60Hz 4.5/9A
Weight 150 kg
Coins Processed
Coins Processed GBP configuration: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 (old and new) and £2

EUR configuration: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €1 and €2
Foreign Coin Detection
Foreign Coin Detection Offsorts unwanted coin without stopping
Sorting Speed
Sorting Speed Up to 4,100 coins per minute
Sorting Accuracy
Sorting Accuracy 99.995%
Connectivity Up to 6 USB ports standard

Unmatched Service - Local Cummins Allison Support


Cummins Allison technicians are noted for their proactive focus, expertise, quick response times and customer service orientation. Rigorous training is conducted at our facilities to ensure that our service technicians are equipped with the comprehensive product and application knowledge needed to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. With a nationwide team of factory trained service engineers with access to local parts inventories, we provide service coverage that is unmatched in the industry.

Service Support includes:

  • Highly-trained local service technicians

  • National Field Service Department

  • Cummins Allison Worldwide Service Organisation

Cummins Allison branch warehouses and service vehicles are equipped with the parts necessary to complete most on the first visit. Exceptions can be completed on the following business day by placing an emergency part order.

Response time is generally within eight business hours from the time the call is received. Service requests made outside of normal operating hours, including holidays and weekends, are dispatched on the next business day.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, customer service hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Technician hours are 9am to 5pm.