Money Machine® 2 self-service coin counter and coin machine

Money Machine 2 self service coin machine coin counter sorter machine coin counting money machines

Faster, highly accurate, easy to use coin machine

Money Machine 2 is next generation technology that is faster, has greater coin capacity, is highly accurate and very easy to use. Best of all, it’s affordably priced.

Draw new customers and increase the frequency of return visits.

  • Financial institutions benefit from simplifying the coin counting process with speed, accuracy and convenience, improved operational efficiencies, increased customer traffic, cross-selling opportunities to boost branch revenue.
  • Supermarkets can generate more revenue in a small footprint and serve customers better through speed and convenience.



The Money Machine 2:

  • Can process the 12-sided £1 coin

  • More bags, higher capacity: 16 sorted or mixed bags make it easier to manage and transport coin. A system of 16 high-volume bags hold up to 80,000 coins mixed or sorted by denomination

  • High capacity bins: Ultra-strong polymer bins are easy to change using lightweight dollies. Coins are securely collected and stored for transport in a 70,000 mixed-coin-capacity single bin or in dual bins with a combined capacity of up to 140,000 mixed coins

  • Enhanced coin discrimination: Greater accuracy via enhanced coin discrimination technology to differentiate coin more precisely, provides for more accurate counts

  • Quieter coin operation: quieter coin processing, makes it less distracting for tellers and customer service personnel

  • Improved bag management: Simpler, more intuitive bag management screens reduces bag clearing to a single screen, making it easier for employees to work with the equipment

  • Choice: Own your coin machine, place a machine in your business free of charge, rent or lease a machine. Whatever option, your customers will enjoy the benefits of a self-service coin machine

  • Advanced debris management: Debris such as paper clips, screws, bolts and bent coins are diverted and captured for easy disposal

  • Continuous suspect coin detection: Suspect coins are not counted but diverted to a coin return cup, all while maintaining unmatched counting and sorting speed

  • Transaction memory and reporting: As many as 65,000 coin processing transactions are stored in memory. Daily reports can be easily obtained at any time by authorized employees

  • 38 cm colour touch-screen display: An intuitive touch-screen display guides your customers through the coin redemption process

  • Customized graphics:  Can be placed on the initial customer greeting screen.  Certain text and thank-you messages can also be customised

  • Customizable transaction receiptYour logo or message can be printed on the top and bottom of the customer receipt.

  • Optional graphics: Offer a wide array of machine and signage choices.


Contact us today for prices on this coin counter machine as well as pricing for other products and solutions that fit your needs.


Money Machine 2 Self-Service Coin Counter Demo Video

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Money Machines: Three choices for coin collection

Choose the option that best fits your circumstances.


Single binhigh-strength polymer bins hold up to 70,000 mixed coins.


Dual bin: high-strength polymer bin holds up to 140,000 mixed coins.


16-bag sorted unit: high-volume full size bags: 4–1p, 3–2p, 2–5p, 2–10p, 2–20p, 1–50p, 1–£1, 1–£2



  • Four ways to add coin counters: Buy, lease, rent, or let us place a machine free of charge.

  • Onscreen advertising: Advertise products and services through fixed images or continuous play videos providing high visibility to important promotions.

  • Remote management: Multiple Money Machine 2 installations can be managed from JetLink ™ software.

  • Warning light: Address issues quickly and ensure better uptime, a red or yellow light can be programmed to conditionally or steadily flash.

  • Machine graphics: Outfit your coin counting machine with eye catching graphics. Choose to design your own, use our brightly colored Cummins Allison standard graphics or opt for stainless steel panels to give an elegant finish to your lobby décor.


Coin Sorting, Accuracy & Denomination
Coin Sorting Speed Up to 4,100 coins per minute
Coins Sorted 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2
Coins Sorting Accuracy 99.995+%
Input Tray
Type Gravity flow tray
Maximum Capacity Bin unit: up to 70,000 mixed coins

Dual bin unit: up to 140,000 mixed coins
(combined total of two bins)

16-bag unit: 4-1p, 3-2p, 2-5p, 2-10p, 2-20p, 1-50p, 1-£1, 1-£2
Size Single bin: 66.04 cm W x 73.66 cm D x 142.24 cm H

Dual bin unit: 66.04 cm W x 100.33 cm D x 142.24 cm H

Bag unit: 66.04 cm W x 73.66 cm D x 142.24 cm H
Power Specs
Voltage 240 v. Frequency is 60/50Hz
Power Consumption At nominal voltage: 4.5 Amps (240v)

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