JetScan® One-Pocket bank note scanner

bank note and money counter and scanner

More useful than simple note scanner

JetScan note scanner offers you greater productivity because it automates many note counting tasks that are very time consuming to do by hand. JetScan note scanner is a high-functioning note counter that sort mixed notes, face and orient notes and catch counterfeits.  While counting one denomination, JetScan will stop when any other note is processed.

JetScan one pocket note scanner quickly and accurately identifies the denomination of each and every note – at speeds up to 1,000 mixed notes per minute.

Built with a wide range of counterfeit detection capabilities, JetScan can catch more counterfeits and can be purchased with the industry’s most advanced counterfeit detection sensor.

Available options

  • Counterfeit Note Detection -- JetScan note scanner offers an exclusive combination of sensing systems that individually and collectively detect a wide variety of counterfeit notes:

    - Scan Sensors
    - Magnetic
    - Enhanced UV
    - Fluorescence
    - Infrared
    - IQ™ Sensing Technology

Speed & Accuracy
Speed 3 selectable speeds -- from 600 to up to 1,000 notes per minute
Accuracy 99.99+%
Hopper Capacity
Top Hopper Capacity 300 circulated notes
Lower Hopper Capacity 150 circulated notes
Physical Specs
Size 22.8 cm H x 27.31 cm W x 30.48 cm D
Weight 6.8 kg
Size Height: 6.12 cm minimum to 9.65 cm maximum

Length: 11.43 cm minimum to 17.78 cm maximum
Power Specs
Voltage 240v. Frequency is 60/50Hz
Power Consumption At nominal voltage: 0.3 Amps (240v)

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