JetSuite™ ticketing and note processing system

banknote counter

Simplify the reconciliation process for currency and tickets

Process tickets and currency from around the world. JetSuite provides an affordable solution for small to mid-size casinos looking to quickly and accurately process currency and tickets. Seen in slot rooms, soft count rooms and cages throughout the world, the JetSuite simplifies the reconciliation process for currency and tickets.

  • Adjustable speed allows for quick processing -- up to 1,000 notes/tickets can be separated per minute without pre-sorting

  • JetSuite processes currency for up to 10 countries, sending slot tickets to the top pocket of the currency scanner (Accepted currencies must be pre-programmed.)

  • All ticket data and currency totals are recorded and can be exported to the optional JetTouch® Workstation and/or interfaced directly to your slot tracking system

  • Account numbers can be entered with the currency and tickets by using an external bar code gun or control document cards

  • An exclusive combination of sensing systems provides fast and extremely accurate counterfeit note detection

  • Enhanced denominating sensors -- Provides high speed denomination recognition of faced or unfaced notes

  • Two full capacity pockets -- Two 150 document capacity pockets make note sorting, counting and strapping fast and easy - the top pocket can be used for offsorting tickets without stopping, while the lower pocket holds the counted currency

  • Adjustable strap (batch) stops -- Separate strap (batch) stops can be established for each currency denomination

  • Four levels of memory -- Keeps separate totals for sub-batches, batches, day totals and strap (batch) limits. All four are maintained during brown outs and power failures.

  • Adjustable touch-panel display -- Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions and the touch panel display can be tilted forward for easier access and visibility

  • Adjustable hopper guides -- Hopper guides can be moved to one of four positions to provide for more accurate scanning of various sized notes

  • High capacity hopper -- Holds as many as 700 circulated notes

  • Suspect note detection -- The JetScan note scanner offers an exclusive combination of sensing systems that individually and collectively detect a wide variety of counterfeit notes

Available options

  • Built In Reports -- The JetTouch Workstation records all transaction activity and provides reports and totals, which can be viewed, printed or exported on demand

  • Supports Multiple Devices -- JetScan, JetSort, printers, bar code scanners and networks. An external display can also be connected for surveillance purposes.

  • File Exporting and Interfacing -- Files are exported via network connection or serially with a variety of data exporting options. The JetTouch Workstation also offers direct interfaces to many financial, gaming and retail host software systems.

  • Dual Count Mode -- The JetTouch Workstation allows the user to process each transaction in a Dual Count mode for double verification and added accountability.

Unmatched Service - Local Cummins Allison Support

Cummins Allison technicians are noted for their proactive focus, expertise, quick response times and customer service orientation. Rigorous training is conducted at our facilities to ensure that our service technicians are equipped with the comprehensive product and application knowledge needed to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. With a nationwide team of factory trained service engineers with access to local parts inventories, we provide service coverage that is unmatched in the industry.


Service Support includes:

  • Highly-trained local service technicians

  • National Field Service Department

  • Cummins Allison Worldwide Service Organisation

Cummins Allison branch warehouses and service vehicles are equipped with the parts necessary to complete most repairs on the first visit. Exceptions can be completed on the following business day by placing an emergency part order.


Response time is generally within eight business hours from the time the call is received. Service requests made outside of normal operating hours, including holidays and weekends, are dispatched on the next business day.


In the United Kingdom and Ireland, customer service hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Technician hours are 9am to 5pm.